A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

We had Ben join us for 5 days as part of his school's work experience project. In this week we asked him to come up with a game idea so we could help him make it. While we were working on our regular projects, he designed a bunch or really difficult levels using "Tiled". He even features as a voice artist.

He also asked that we named the game "Fuddle Wuddle" for some reason.

So here it is. Enjoy!


Space - Jump/Select

Z - Run

Escape - Back

Arrow Keys - Navigate level select


Fuddle_Wuddle_Mac.app.zip 8 MB
Fuddle Wuddle.Win32.zip 9 MB
track01.mp3 2 MB


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Stupidly difficult, but pretty fun stuff! I like how expressive the little ninja guy is, doing somersaults and stuff

Great game - hard but fun! I tried it out here @21:50

Thanks for this! It means a lot <3